Factor 02 V.A.M

RM23,646 (Frameset) > Go big or go home

Factor’s 02 V.A.M which is an abbreviation for velocita ascensionale media (average ascent speed/ kelajuan pendakian purata) – is a carbon fibre frameset made by British brand Factor and has been proven to be lightweight yet stiff, putting it into the category above a superbike if there was ever one. V.A.M was a term famously coined by disgraced Italian cycling coach Michele Ferrari, for his measurement of a cyclist’s climbing performance.

Could it possibly be a dig at him and that Factor think with this bike you can cheat and climb faster? It certainly feels fast up hills but how and why?

Through a process called carbon compression moulding, Factor claims it has removed unnecessary material and weight from the carbon layup of the frame. In the same process, Factor have also incorporated other stiffening materials into the layup making it lighter and stronger than Factor’s magnificent original 02 frame, while retaining the compliance of their Vista. In short, this means the V.A.M is two bikes in one, and at the same time trumping all other road based frames that Factor has ever made.

It is pretty rare to come across a V.A.M in Malaysia, no doubt because it is still newish and that you’d have to fork out RM23,646 for the frameset, but then again that is such a small price to pay if you’re planning on building a super duper bike and you need the lightest frame possible. Only a frame from TREK’s arsenal can beat the V.A.M’s frame weight, because 690 grams is really tough to beat.

Factor 02 V.A.M

Gin Huat Cycle Trading who are the distributor of Factor products in Malaysia were kind enough to lend us one, and after all that fanfare we were also curious to feel what it is like. The bike that we received from them was the disc version equipped with Rotor’s 1x 13 groupset and from first impressions just by picking it up, it did feel very light. We also had a go at lifting the more traditional rim brake version that was equipped with Shimano’s Ultegra groupie mixed with a Rotor crank and that was even lighter.

Factor 02 V.A.M

We’re not usually fans of the naked carbon look, but on the V.A.M it does look like pretty sweet. You can only see the raw carbon up close but from a distance it has that stealth bomber smooth matt black look going for it. It looks expensive too and even caught the attention of non-bicycle fans.

When on the bike the first thing you will notice is how taunt the frame is. Because it is stiff which in turn makes your pedalling strokes lay down some explosive power it just wants you to give it more and ride faster. There is no denying, this frame really does urge you to spank it. The return of fast speed and explosive acceleration is phenomenal and with a bigger engine (stronger rider) we can see someone really flying when on this bike. The compliance is there too surprisingly because logically something this stiff could no way have any levels of compliance like the Vista has – but it does. The wide stance seat stays with really small diameters really does its job here with the wide part providing the stiffness at the rear triangle and the small diameter providing the comfort. We could only imagine how it would feel like on wider tyres because the bike that we had only has 25c tyres and the V.A.M can accept tyres up to 30c.

With this level of power transfer and compliance it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with the V.A.M. Not many frames can provide this type of characteristics, especially ones that are currently being sold through an official channel in Malaysia. If you’re planning build a ‘fighterbike’ to elevate your need for speed to newer heights, this frame is the one for you. Gin Huat can custom complete the frame for you and you can choose anything from Rotor or Shimano groupsets as well as an array of wheelset options. We beg you to go try it out and even if you don’t end up buying it, you just have to at least once experience what the bike is like – but leave your wallet at home because there is a high chance you will fall in love with it.

Frame Set




TeXtreme®, Toray®, Nippon Graphite Pitch-Based






Svelte / Svelte Disc


Seat Post

Black Inc.


Zero and 25mm setback available



Black Inc.


Reach 80mm, drop 125mm. Multiple stem lengths

and bar widths available



Ceramic Speed

110 Series

1-1/8" bearings


Head Tube Diameter



1-1/8 upper and 1-3/8 lower





Aluminium cups / CeramicSpeed bearings with Wheels MFG 24mm BBRight Reducers/Adapters

Max Tire Clearance




Wheel Size




Brake Type



Disc and Rim

Front Axle



12 x 100mm thru-axle

Rear Axle



12 x 142mm thru-axle

Cable Routing







Nude Carbon UD – Matte Black Gloss with Red Decal Logo Finish

Manufacturer Warranty



5 year limited lifetime warranty