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Creative Home & Smart Fitness Coronavirus Creating New Lifestyle Trends

Taipei, June 11, 2020 – The global pandemic has changed everyone’s daily lifestyle. During times like these, the home fitness and household goods industry have been growing exuberantly. With the growing interest in home fitness, Taiwan Excellence has conducted an online press conference “Taiwan Excellence Indoor Fun & Training” to showcase different trends: home strength training, aerobics, cycling, and home & lifestyle products. Six Taiwan Excellence awarded companies have been invited to present their award winning products. Adding a personal touch to the online press conference, Taiwan Excellence had broken the spatial limitations today, as part of the conference took place at the individual brand’s headquarters as if you were actually visiting these companies in person.

New Stay at Home Trends

Executive Vice President of TAITRA, Simon Wang, pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected around 188 countries with more than 7.29 million diagnosed cases and more than 412,000 deaths worldwide. “Indeed the coronavirus has been changing our lives, and will be changing our behavior for good. No matter if it is working, studying, or playing” said Simon Wang. He also shared that, during the epidemic prevention period, the American fitness brand “Peloton” rose rapidly. Their innovative business model has subverted the traditional fitness model, where they provide fitness equipment that synchronizes with online instructors to let consumers’ workout from home. This model has won the favor of the American people. He further explained that, many people do not know that the supply of many fitness equipment behind Peloton comes from Taiwan, showing that Taiwan’s home fitness manufacturing industry is internationally recognized.

Smart Home Fitness

According to Google search data, the search for “Home Fitness” has dramatically increased since March. The sales of fitness equipment such as bicycles, dumbbells, and yoga mats have also been growing, alongside online fitness courses. The cardiopulmonary function is fundamental to good health. Strength Master’s cycle boxer has an entire set of built-in interactive boxing games that can simultaneously train brain response and improve cardiopulmonary function. This adds more fun to boxing alone! Muscle strength training not only improves your physique, but also helps increase immunity. The cycle boxer also solves the problem that modern people have of not having time to exercise. Within 15 minutes, it manages to trains all the muscle groups and hand-eye coordination. After one’s exercise, it will also provide data such as strike accuracy, pedaling distance, total calories burned, and more – providing users with information so that they can work harder in the next workout.
Victory specially invited the Olympic Weightlifting silver medalist, Lu Ying-Chi, to do weight training on Victory’s shock-absorbing mat. This mat significantly reduces 37% of the vibration and 26% of the noise while lifting barbells. You no longer have to worry about bothering your neighbors while doing weight training at home. And, what if you love cycling but cannot go out due to the lockdown in your country? The TBS Group has used smart technology to move cycling into your home. Power analysis is used to display your cadence, speed, and heart rate. Now you can train on your bike smartly at home and also burn fat effectively.

Creative Home Appliances

To fight boredom, home fitness is not the only option. According to domestic e-commerce vendors, the global pandemic has increased the sales of home living products by about 20%. For example, FECA suction cup hooks in colorful macaroon colors from FERRO-CARBON can safely and easily change the look of your kitchen or bathroom, and your mood without the use of drills or nails. Such strong absorption rubber pad can be reused and its structure is stable, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, durable, waterproof, and cold-resistant (up to -10 °C) and heat-resistant (up to 70 °C) What’s more, it’s educational to teach children the importance of storage by using the VAGO vacuum compressor to minimize the size of all the winter clothing. It is the smallest vacuum compressor on the market, at only 7cm in height and 77grams in weight. This miniature vacuum motor can be stored easily and provides a maximum suction power of up to 300mmHg, which is about 2.7 times the power of a general vacuum cleaner.
Besides being compact, VAGO is also very easy to use. You only need to connect to a power source with a micro USB cable and let it do its job of removing the air out from the vacuum bag. Its vacuum bags are made out of three types of materials making it durable and leak-proof. These bags are also reusable and can be washed with water. During the weekends, CSPS’s multi-function adjustable height roasting oven is a great helper for your home BBQ. The 3-in-1, BBQ, smoking and outdoor oven, is made out of stainless steel. With the tall chimney design, it also diverts the smoke away from the users. Taiwan Excellence is collaborating with these six major brands to showcase to the world the growing ‘stay-at-home economy’ by using our intelligence and creativity. Taiwan’s products have demonstrated their cutting-edge qualities in this global fight against the pandemic and helped people to create a better home life even in trying circumstances. Let Taiwan Excellence be your best teammate in smart home disease prevention and the fight against boredom!

Deputy Director General of MOEA, Guann-Jyh Lee and Executive Vice President of TAITRA, Simon Wang take pictures with all the brands representatives.