Festka partners with Cyclist Wardrobe

Finely-made custom bicycles are undeniably irresistible to the discerning cyclist, in the same manner that moths are inexplicably drawn to a flame. Announce a new launch and you’ll have dozens of curious cyclists who will happily turn up to indulge in a bit of ogling at the bike porn session. It’s definitely not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. This was definitely the case at the launch of Festka’s 2019/2020 models by Cyclist Wardrobe at Cycology

Four new models were on display, in addition to another four models that were there on loan for the day courtesy of their respective owners. Out of 8 of Festka’s models in their stable, four have been made available to cyclists in Malaysia, namely the Rover, Scalatore, Doppler and One. In line with the general trend in the global cycling industry, all four of these models are fitted with disc brakes, which are now UCI legal.

Perhaps the most eye catching is the odd one out, a beast of a bike called the Rover. Sporting 650b wheels with WTB Horizons 47” tyres and a 1X system, the Rover’s gravel pedigree is hard to miss, even at first glance. Billed as “the perfect hybrid”, this bike is however designed to blur the lines between road bike and gravel bike - it is made to be fast and nimble, with impeccable handling. Festka declares proudly that it isn’t a clunky SUV by any means, but a rally machine at heart.

Giving it a good once over, we’re inclined to agree. Tipping the scales at a respectable 7.8kg even with its chunky wheels, tyres and tubing, this bike is definitely not going to be a drag to ride. You could opt for 700C wheels with a reduced tyre size of 32” though Festka’s website says you can go up to 40” -  a decent width for going off paved tarmac. The Rover in question on the day was fitted with a delicious Shimano Ultegra 8050 Di2 1X groupset with a massive rear cassette and custom wheels.

Looks-wise it scores a perfect ten too, with a beautiful matte finish that is a combination of what Festka calls bronze olive and vegas gold, with some nice accents like a matching chain, pedals and bar tape to complete the look. The naked carbon weave is also clearly visible, which we absolutely love too. You could opt for the other choice of a glossy grey and red finish, but trust us when we say the olive and gold matte combo will definitely turn heads wherever you go. 

But if you’re not gravel inclined or are more in the market for a better or another road bike to add to your fleet, Festka’s other models don’t disappoint either. The Scalatore, Doppler and One are all road models, made for those who are perfectly happy within the confines of paved roads. These models have different features but are each a masterpiece on their own, hand-built at the company’s bespoke factory in Prague. 

The Rovers main triangle is composed of tubes designed for the Spectre and Scalatore models, but the chainstays are made specifically to cope with extra pressure on rougher surfaces.

This bike is designed to be your "no compromise only bike", nimble, light and with impeccable handling to boot.

Rover frame set starting price: RM23,500

(fork & headset included)

Complete Specifications 

Groupset: Shimano Ultegra 8050 Di2 

Wheels: Mavic Allroad Pro UST Disc/Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Disc/Crossmax PRO

Cockpit: Deda Gravel

Saddle: Selle Italia X-LR Tm Air Cross Superflow 


Of particular interest for the speed hungry roadie is the ever so elegant Doppler, Festka’s offspring from the marriage of carbon fibre and titanium.

Built with the highest quality Japanese fibre used in Formula One cars and the aviation industry, the Seamless Rocket tubes and titanium combo results in a stiff and nimble bike, with a truly eye catching design.

Doppler frame set starting price: RM35,800

(fork & headset included)

Complete Specifications 

Groupset: Shimano Dura Ace 9150 Di2.

Wheels: Mavic Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL UST Disc/Cosmic Carbon SL UST Disc

Cockpit: Deda Superleggera 35 carbon 

Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Tekno Flow 


For those weight weenies looking for something feather light to ride up those irresistible mountain roads, Festka presents the Scalatore.

Despite being a superlight climbing bike, it will also take the gnarliest descents like a champion, in addition to being stiff and responsive.

It is so superlight that the caliper version is not even UCI legal.

Scalatore frame set starting price: RM30,800

(fork & headset included)

Complete Specifications

Groupset: Shimano Dura Ace 9150 Di2.

Wheels: Mavic Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL UST Disc/Cosmic Carbon SL UST Disc

Cockpit: Deda Superleggera 35 carbon 

Saddle: Saddle Selle Italia SLR Tekno Flow 


At the other end of things we have the One, the entry level Festka that is the perfect introduction to high end carbon frames with custom geometry.

Despite offering the best value for money point, this model offers no compromises in terms of stiffness, stability and ride quality.

The One is fully expected to satisfy even the most experienced cyclist with many miles under his or her belt.

Festka One frame set starting price: RM18,900

(fork & headset included)

Complete Specifications

Groupset: Shimano Ultegra 8050 Di2

Wheels: Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST Disc

Cockpit: Deda Superzero carbon.

Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio

Rm 33,800.00

Festka is also organising a Festka experience in Prague, Czech Republic from September 30th to October 7th. This event will serve as a welcome of sorts to new owners into the Festka community, allowing them to connect with fellow owners and to visit the company's facilities there. Considering Prague is one of Europe’s most historic and enchanting cities, this will be an experience not to be missed.

The trip will also involve several group rides, involving routes running between 60 to 80km everyday, with a fair bit of climbing. For those who put in their custom Festka orders immediately, their bikes are expected to be completed in time for this event.

Please note that all prices stated are the base price only, and the final price will ultimately depend on the level of your customisation. For more information please contact Max Ng at Info@cyclistwardrobe.com