Gin Huat Dealers Meeting July 2019

Gin Huat Cycle Trading Sdn Bhd is one of the largest bicycles and bicycle parts distributor, importer and wholesaler in Malaysia. From time to time they host a dealers meeting to introduce new products to their dealers as well as to give their clients an opportunity to get to know the products better.

Recently they held such an event at the Pearl Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Athough the meet was predominantly for dealers as well as interested parties who would like to carry products from brands such as Jagwire, Cateye, Fox, Factor and Maxxis, the Cycling Plus Malaysia team managed to snoop around their meeting and picked up on what was most interesting on the day.

The Factor V.A.M is a smooth operator

Gin Huat has been a distributor of British-based Factor Bikes for a couple of years now and thanks to them we can now see amazing Factor bikes such as the 02 and ONE on Malaysian roads. The V.A.M. is the biggest product to come out of Factor Bikes this year, globally introduced to the world in June, and we managed to lay our eyes on one in the flesh (or carbon more like) in Malaysia thanks to Gin Huat. 

Designed to be the ultimate climbing bike, the V.A.M stands for ‘Velocita Ascensionale Media’, which in English means, “Average Ascent Speed”. Although many bike manufacturers have been seen concentrating on aero efficiency and less on stiffness-to-weight ratio, Factor still thinks there is a market for a bike that is feathery light and extremely rigid at the same time.

The V.A.M is exactly that and for a disc frame that only weighs under 700grams (largest size) it’s no surprise that many have been taking notice of the V.A.M.

Usually to achieve a lower weight, many manufacturers would take away some carbon fibre from parts of the frame but according to John Ebsen a renowned K.O.M specialist as well as Factor’s Asia sales chief, Factor has managed to make the bike lighter in a better way. “ Usually people tend to shave some material at certain places on the frame but we at Factor do not like that. Instead, we use a new way of manufacturing the bike frame which not only makes the bike lighter but stronger as well,” said the Danish man. The internal part of the CF frame is also smooth, which is something you don’t really get in other bikes.

The V.A.M is now available for order from Gin Huat Trading Cycles along with the newly launched Black Inc Team Edition disc rim, which has opened the door for those who wish to own a pair of Black Inc rims at a more affordable price. Black Inc is closely associated with Factor and can normally be seen on Factor bikes.

*The Factor V.A.M. retails for RM23,646 (frameset only)

*Black Inc Team Edition retails for RM5,156 (front and rear wheels)

Maxxis uses new compound to make their road bike tyres lighter and faster

Also at the Dealer’s meeting was Maxxis’ representative Tia Pan. She spent a good portion of her presentation on Maxxis’ new compound called the HYPR. In her presentation, she explained that the new HYPR Silica compound has managed to up the grip in the wets but at the same time reduce rolling resistance as well as weight. Coming at 210 grams it is one of the lightest all weather tyre out there and we had an early test of the tyre whilst in Taiwan which you can read about in Volume 21, and on our webpage soon. “Maxxis aimed to create a tyre that had the best of all conditions and the HYPR compound gave us the opportunity to do that. Wet roads always gives cyclists that nervous feeling but with the new Maxxis tyre you can be sure you have that added level of assurance when riding in the wet," said Tia.

*The Maxxis High Road with the HYPR compound is now available nationwide (RM159 per tyre).