Kick your cycling up a notch

Apart from great comradery and addiction to beautifully crafted mechanical machinery, everything about cycling is a test of the body and mind. For most people, this is one of the reasons why they pick up the sport in the first place. With that said, most cyclists would have had a goal in mind when starting out and with a lot of hard work and regular training, would have been achieved these goals in time. But what if you want more, but are of the mind that marathons on their own are dull and triathlons are a tad too extreme? This is where the duathlon comes into play.

A duathlon is a three stage event which usually involves a run, a ride and then another run. There’s no swimming whatsoever so you don’t need to worry about jumping into the water. According to Malaysia’s number one icon of an Ironman, Rupert Chen, a duathlon is a good multisport to introduce cyclists to running. In his own words: “it’s easy to run, but not easy to learn to swim”. We agree with him, because we also feel that swimming is not a simple task - why else would they put swimming first in a triathlon event when you have the most energy?

Much like a triathlon, duathlons have different categories for different fitness levels, which is why we think it can accommodate all. If you just want a feeler of what a duathlon might be like, you can join the upcoming GCE Duathlon 2018 this upcoming September because they have a category called the GCE Dash. This only involves a 5km run, 27km bike and another 5km run to finish it off. The fact that Prolintas, one of the biggest highway builders in Malaysia have decided to close the Guthrie Corridor Highway for the event makes the duathlon one of the safest multisport for beginners. Even if you don’t feel like running, you can also jog or walk through the running bits. The Dash category is definitely customised to beginners, especially the ones who are curious about multisport events.

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If you’re nervous about it and need a guide on how to tackle a duathlon, contact Rupert Chen either on Instagram: rccoaching_official or Facebook: rc coaching