Ning Baizura and Co get Mercedes test

The recent launch of Mercedes Benz’s range of  Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) seems to have sparked the adventurous side of the company. To celebrate the launch of the GLC, GLE and GLE coupe, Mercedes Benz Malaysia (MBM) organised a three-day trip to explore the fit and rugged side of the drivers and the vehicles.

With famous personalities like Ning Baizura, presenter Yasmin Hani and radio DJ Jason PH taking part in the adventure, the trip was full of adrenalin pumping activities such as rock climbing at Nomad Adventure, Tapah, cycling at Cameron Highland’s Boh estate, and a morning jog around Cameron Highland’s famous golf course.

The excursion also showed the versatility of the vehicles through its capability of carrying bicycles, tackling sharp bends on the way up to the highlands as well as going off-road whilst looking for some organic vegetables at Terra Farm.