Rapha X Mercedes Benz

The collaboration between Rapha and Mercedes Benz Malaysia went up another notch recently as they hosted a one of a kind 25km ride with the one and only Pocket Rocket, Azizulhasni Awang. A Rapha ambassador, Azizul took time out of his busy schedule preparing for the 2018 Asian games just so that he could ride with some of the Rapha Cycling Chapter (RCC) members in an exclusive invitation only event. The ride saw a crowd of nearly 25 cyclists take off from Taman Tun Dr Ismail’s Little Rimba, looping around the hilly routes of Bukit Damansara before heading back to Little Rimba once again, where they were greeted with dinner as well as some mingling time with the world’s current number 1 track cyclist. Mark Raine, Mercedes Benz Malaysia’s passenger car VP of sales and marketing said, “This is a special event as this is the first time that the champ has ridden with RCC members. We wanted to be part of it because we believe in special moments. We also wanted to showcase our AMG GLC43 SUV and how it suits a cyclist’s life due to its versatility as well as sheer ability to provide the thrill that cyclists love.” This event was the second time we saw Rapha and Mercedes Benz Malaysia coming together to bring Azizul to the masses. The first was an Evening with Azizul which was hosted earlier this year.