RHB Shimano Highway Ride @ LEKAS 2018

Another year, another Lekas night ride but compared to previous years, this one on August 18th will be a bit special. It all starts with an extended route of 120km compared to the 105km course which has been the norm for the last 3 years.  To top that off, cyclists will also be able to experience a newly refurbished Lekas Highway, which owner IJM Corporation Berhard says they have spent RM5 million on.

This includes a newly surfaced road with the finest of tarmacs used to make the highway hole free and smooth, newer L.E.D. lights which promise to break the darkness of the night and turn it into bright daylight. If that doesn’t entice you to be part of the 3,500 cyclists on the night (because the organisers have capped the number of participants at that) then surely a professional UCI continental team as unofficial marshalls will.

For the first time ever, main organisers RHB, Shimano and Lekas have all agreed to appoint ambassadors to jump on the event bandwagon. Fresh from their win at the recent Tour De Langkawi 2018, where they made history as the first ever Malaysian team to win the iconic Malaysian cycling race, Team Cycling Terengganu (TSG) are the official ambassadors for the Lekas ride.

Not only will they be promoting and campaigning in the run-up to the race, they will also be riding on the night, leading the pack at the beginning but slowly making their way around to the back of the herd of cyclists to say hello as well as make sure that everyone is having a great time. This is a great addition to the Lekas Highway ride and will surely please participants, as participating race teams are usually racing off from the word go.

A word from the sponsors

We are pleased to be able to play such a central role in this event and across the IJM Group, sports is very much at the heart of our corporate social responsibility initiatives. Between the main drivers of the event, we have managed to get around 120 police personnel supporting the event on the day, and numerous amount of medical support which will be spread around the venue. We’re also very happy that only after two days of opening the registration page, half of the quota for the maximum number of cyclists has already been filled.

One of the things that we like about the Lekas night ride and what we are most impressed with, is how IJM really try their hardest to give cyclists the best experience on the night. This includes their efforts to repave the roads as well as upgrade their L.E.D lights to help make the night a lot better compared to last year. IJM also really care about cyclists’ safety and that is in line with one of our key objectives when holding an event. In addition to that, we are very happy that TSG have agreed to come and make the event that bit more festive and I hope cyclists get a chance to ride with them on the night. We’re not sure just yet, but we’ll also try to showcase the new Shimano 105 groupset a few days before the ride.

Last year nearly 4,000 cyclists from nine different countries came to participate in the event and I hope this year more international riders come to experience one of the best riding events the world has to offer. We also hope to attract more youths to engage in both leisure and competitive cycling and we hope the presence of TSG will encourage people to try out the ride.

This is the night ride’s fifth anniversary and year after year we try to achieve higher standards and correct the things that might have not been so great from previous years. We believe we are close to it and as usual, what the people want, people get. This is why we have extended the full ride to 120km in the hope that their request from last year is met. We have also made the 12km category longer based on some feedback. The companies that are working together to bring this ride to the masses have great cohesion, which is why people come back for more year after year.

Lekas Ride map 1
Lekas Ride map 2