Rudy Project Malaysia: New Products & THE ONE

In conjunction with the release of new Rudy Project products such as the KEYBLADE sports glasses, PROTERA+ helmet, THE WING helmet and VENGER helmet, Rudy Project Malaysia introduced an ambassadorship programme called THE ONE.

Stealing the limelight of the product launch in our opinion, THE ONE is Rudy Project’s way of moving forward with picking their ambassadors which might not necessarily need you to have a pro athlete background.

The criteria to be chosen as THE ONE is simple and it starts with your capability to inspire and involve other people in your sport. Although it is mostly for runners (triathletes are runners too) the qualified person must be a leader in his or her world, able to share the passion of running with others as well as being able to embrace Rudy Project’s values and philosophies.

Some of the key facts of THE ONE says that the athletes does not need to be a professional athlete, must be a point of reference for the local running community, an influencer that’s not exclusively on social networks, a man/woman that faces the honours and commitment of being THE ONE and able to captivate, thrill and involve enthusiasts.

Since most cyclists are runners as well these days, we fell that THE ONE could be found within our cycling community.

There are 10 ambassadorships available in Malaysia with the first one going to Guiness World Record holder Edan Syah who managed to complete a marathon in 2 hours and 54 minutes. There are only 1000 slots available worldwide.

Keyblade (RM699-1149)

Back to the usual business of cycling related products, Rudy Project this morning also launched the new Keyblade sports glasses. Touted as the glasses which has redefined eyewear comfort for cyclists, the glasses combines a Vent Controller System with Vertical Power Flow ventilation (exhaust port) and adjustable temple tips and nose pads to give users a pair of sunglasses that helps elevates ones performance. Its slim design allows a better fit for smaller heads, perfect for Asians said Rudy Project Malaysia. The Keyblade comes in 9 different colour options to help match your other gear.

Protera+ helmet (RM849)

Helmets are all about safety and Rudy’s latest MTB helmet is exactly all about that. With an increased lower head protection feature and wraparound fit, the Protera+ will induce as well as provide you with the feeling of better protection. It also comes with an all new wide visor to help keep objects and atmospheric elements away from your eyes. There is also this really cool feature called the goggle retainer which is located at the rear which helps keep you goggles inline when riding hard. The helmet can be had in three different colour schemes.

THE WING helmet (RM2049)

Rudy Project are always serious about aerodynamics and this latest WING helmet is one that disrupts the aerodynamic helmet standards. Designed in collaboration with pro team Bahrain Merida (which are now partners with Rudy till 2023) THE WING promises to help cut the air to give you faster times. With features such as an ultralight weigh mold construction, removable magnetic front vent cover, removable dockable magnetic lens with enhanced deep horizon vision, compact profile design, and enhanced air channel with massive exhaust port, the helmet sounds like a clear winner. It is available in two colour schemes, white and black

Venger helmet (RM799)

The Venger can be had either in road or MTB form. The differences are mainly the visors included as part of the helmet (MTB with road without). The main features of the Venger is exceptional ventilation, lightweight and compact design for better aerodynamics. With 22 vents, the helmet wants to help riders get rid of hot air and with its Triple X KROSS construction the helmet has been said to provide an ultra-comfortable fit as well as great rigidity without the weigh. The road and MTB version can be had in 4 different colour schemes.