THULE Bring Your Life exhibition

At what seemed like a grand event, THULE South East Asia yesterday
launched their "Bring Your Life" exhibition at KLCC, which hosted a
star-studded assembly of celebrities, media, influencers as well as
corporate bigwigs who personally came to the iconic Twin Towers to
check out THULE's exciting event as well as new product line-up.

With a mixed crowd filled with celebrities such as Hong Kongs's Stefan
Wong, Paskal's Hairul Azreen, Sangkar's Peter Davis, Amber Chia,  and
corporate heads such as Volvo Malaysia's managing director, Nalin Jain
andTHULE's very own group CEO Magnus Welander, the launch of the event really did pull in a crowd as bystanders were everywhere from the
event ground itself all the way up to the upper floors of the Suria
shopping mall.

With a cat-walk style presentation of the new products, THULE SouthEast Asia really did outdo themselves, especially when Malaysian singer-songwriter Karmun Ooi started singing as the models wereshowcasing the bags on the runway. 

There was also a short stint where
Magnus Welander introduced himself to everybody and presented a gift to Ola Pihlblad, deputy head of mission economic and political affairs who came all the way from Sweden's embassy in Kuala Lumpur just to be at the event.

What felt more like a KL-fashion week show, the THULE Bring Your Life event was created to allow members of the public and Thule fans to come and view new THULE products as well as the opportunity to get to know them better. Although the launch of the event was yesterday, the exhibition itself will be there till this Sunday.

At the end of the event, we managed to get some time with Thule's group CEO Magnus Welander to ask him some questions about the event itself and some clarification on how we should actually pronounce THULE.

Q&A with Magnus Welander

A: I have been here before but not in this capacity, but nonetheless
Malaysia is beautiful and full of great people. What I have noticed is
that Malaysians are very into products that make their lives easier
and we at THULE believe we can help out with that.

A: We wouldn't say we are fashionable because being fashionable means
we are only trendy in a certain moment. We focus more on design which
is why THULE products are timeless. You can view some THULE products
from the past and still believe that they were only created yesterday.
The designs must also stand through the test of time and what I mean
by that is that through the years of owning a THULE product, we want
our customers to always feel confident in the quality and safety
benefits of owning a THULE product.

A: A luggage is more than just a thing where people put their things
into. It's also like a secure safe on wheels. Our luggage has been
tested to be safe and secure and just like the bike racks, we have
tested them countless of times so that our customers have the best
experience in owning a THULE luggage. Travelling can be stressful, we
want our customers to feel secure about their luggage and take the
worry away from that aspect of traveling.

A: Haha, I wouldn't say great but I do have a collection if you can
call it that. I own five bikes and some of them include bikes from
such brands like Cannondale and Scott. I cycle to work every day back
at home but I don't take the fast road bikes. I ride this cruiser type
bike which has this really relaxed ride position. it's like a granny
bike really.

A: Of course we can make them lighter but we prioritised in making
them safer. From all the tests we have done this was the ideal weight
and a great balance between making sure that it is easily usable,
storable, and manages to secure the bikes on the roof of the car.
During a crash test we did, the bikes were still securely attached to
the rack so we were happy with balance of things.