5 Indoor cycling alternatives in Klang Valley

Living in a tropical climate, rain comes with the territory. For many a Malaysian cyclist, a downpour can put a stop to your riding plans especially during the annoying monsoon season. Trying to squeeze in a ride between work and personal commitments is difficult enough without factoring mother nature into the mix.

Or it could be that time of year again, where the haze rears its ugly head. When air quality is compromised, you really don't want to be outside involved in any sports activity that involves heavy breathing. The biggest hazard of the haze is inhaling the fine particulate matter suspended in the air, which can lead to acute symptoms such as cough, wheezing, shortness of breath and a feeling of tiredness and weakness.

Sure you could head to the nearest gym franchise to join your REM or indoor spin classes, but these are the new breed of cycling specific training centres that run all year round. They're pretty useful for those who need to squeeze a quick session in when it's too hot or too wet outside, or to raise your cycling game so you don't get dropped and can enjoy the scenery better.

For cyclists looking to score precious time on the saddle regardless of the weather conditions, check out these indoor cycling facilities in the Klang Valley.

1. Cycology

A mix of a cycling gym, laboratory and dance hall, Cycology aims to provide a comprehensive experience complete with the sights and sounds as well as analytical report.

Cycology offers a variety of options starting with the bike; one could either sign up for a session on their BodyBike Smart+ spin bikes or you could hook up your own bike to their Wahoo Kicker. Alternatively, Cyclogy also has a selection of FELT road bikes.

At Cycology, the sessions are divided to two distinct categories: Power Play - which offers a variety of fun cycling fitness classes with a large selection of programs to choose from, or Cycopro - where classes are conducted on road bikes with state of the art trainers, this class is focused on making use of the measurable power to improve the cyclist's performance.

Curious? Check out cycology here.


2. Ministry of Burn

This boutique gym does not solely cater to cyclists but it also offers Move and Row classes in addition to their spin bike class, Ride. Not your typical spin class, the Ministry of Burn incorporates upper body workouts and adds weights to the standard spin class fare.

For the Ride sessions, there are two to choose from apart from the introductory session; Ride, a combination of cardio and total body training, and the more intensive Ride Dirty for those who are familiar with the workout and techniques.

Interested? Have a look here.

3. Flycycle

Flycycle is part of Flyproject, the brainchild of a new generation fitness professionals looking for a fun group workout project to encourage and challenge the participants. Apart from spin class, Flyproject also offers yoga and boxing as well.


Similar to Ministry of Burn’s Ride classes, Flycycle’s Flyride sessions also combine aerobic workout and weights to their set. For those of you who are looking for something different, Flyrhythm factors in dance and choreography into the mix for those who are looking to improve their coordination.

Check them out here.


4. Aloha Cycle Club

Looking for something a bit more out of the ordinary in a spin class? Aloha Cycle Club offers a good mix of classes for everyone from the Aloha Ride, which includes aerobic, anaerobic interval training as well as mindfulness training. There's also the Ala Ride for a more cardio intense session.



Sounds like fun? Scout them out here.


5. Firestation

Founded in September 2015 by CEO Dave Nuku, Firestation offers both personal training and small group training classes of maximum 20 people at a time. Indoor cycling classes are categorised under RIDE, a high-intensity cycle class with functional training and yoga, but Firestation also offers STRIDE - cardio treadmill routines and strength training, STRIKE - a dynamic blend of old school boxing and martial arts movements, and FORCE - a strength program completed with dynamic yoga.

The core of Firestation’s workouts is high-intensity interval training regardless of which workout you choose, for the fastest results and the highest calorie burns.

Find out more here.