Celebrating Malaysia's cycling women

International Women’s day is celebrated in March every year and to commemorate this special occasion we thought we would meet with some of the most feared and respected women in cycling to see what their journey has been like.

In this feature we have handpicked three women to get up close and personal with:

Noraidillina Adilla (full interview) - best known as Malaysia’s up and coming track cyclist. Better known as Adillathunder on Instagram is one of the brightest sparks to come out of our National Sports Council cycling programme. Initially nurtured by the legendary Ng Joo Ngan, it seems like Adilla has yet to reach her full potential. We are very proud of her for her efforts as a tandem ‘sighted’ rider, helping Paralympian Nur Azlia Syafinaz to win four gold medals at the 2018 Asean Paralympic Games.

Siti Hajar A Bakar - a mountain biker with nerves of steel. Recognised as one of the best skilled community based mountain bikers around, Hajar is most famous for her work on women’s community mountain biking. Operating under her club name Doowaroda, many women are on the trail these days thanks to her initiative. Hajar also has a very colourful personality which is what attracts people to her in the first place.

Mariana Mohammad - possibly one of the fastest female road cyclists Malaysia has ever produced.  Fierce, fast and also always striving to grow the women’s road cycling community. On the road she can put most men to shame, but she will probably encourage anyone on the road to go faster and is always willing to help give out tips. She hosts a Recovery Ride every Monday night in Putrajaya and although it’s not exclusive to women, she hopes that more women would come and join her.

*Stay tuned for their full interviews (or just buy the magazine. Seriously.)

Full Name: Noraidillina Adilla J. Sam

Age: 23

Birthplace: Selangor

Birthdate: 10/3/1995

Status: Married

Bike discipline: Track 

Favourite bike brand and why:

I like Specialized S-Works bikes and one of these would be my dream bike. I like them is because of the excellent frames they produce which have that special 'magic' feel. Every time I see a picture of the S-Works I get into a daze and feel like a spell has been cast upon me.

The Peter Sagan editions particularly give me the heebie jeebies.

Full Name: Siti Hajar binti A Bakar

Age: 36

Birthplace: Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Birthdate: 28/12/ 82

Status: Married 

Bike discipline: Mainly MTB trail (enduro), cycle touring, bike commuting

Favourite bike brand and why: No particular brand. Currently riding Santa Cruz MTB, previously Polygon & my beloved Banshee Spitfire.

Also adore the Surly road/touring bike I have had for 8 years.

Full Name: Mariana Mohammad

Age: 41 in May

Birthplace: Lahad Datu, Sabah

Birthdate: 18th May 1978

Status: Married with 2 children

Bike discipline: Road & Time Trial

Favourite bike brand and why: Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL6. Based on the reviews, it's the TOP bike. The S-Works Tarmac is sleek, smooth and serious. Seriously gorgeous, seriously fast, seriously amazing to be riding it. It's my dream bike!