What's inside Cycling Plus Malaysia Volume 19

Editor’s note

The New Year brings new resolutions, a fresh approach to cycling as well as new bikes. For most cyclists the new bike part matters because to go along with their New Year’s approach, a new bike usually gets them going. In this issue, we have six exciting, dynamic bikes on test - which also happens to be the world exclusive test ride for them. With most of the designs looking very aero, could this year continue the aero bikes march to world domination from the back end of last year? 

It seems that now more than ever, cycling clubs are popping up everywhere you look, but before this bubble, there were a few that were already in operation. Ampang Cycling Team is one of them and as part of our Suunto 9 collaboration with them, we decided to find out who they really are. We also met the founder of PLAN A and asked him about his quest to create a cycling culture under the PLAN A brand.

Apart from that we have all your regular favourites, including some How To guides for either road or mountain biking as well as a handy helmet guide to keep you safe for the rest of the year.

For a sneak peak of our features, scroll through the gallery below.