Win a Jaz Airbrush special edition stem cap in Cycling Plus Malaysia's Merdeka Giveaway!

For true blue Malaysians, Merdeka is an extremely special occasion. It's a time when we remember our love for the country, which we tend to forget the other 364 days of the year. But not all of us will fly the Jalur Gemilang on our cars, because there are many other ways to show our patriotism. This is also true for us cyclists.

In conjunction with Malaysia's 62nd Independence Day, Jaz Airbrush is launching LIMITED EDITION unique airbrush bicycle stem caps, inspired by the Malaysian flag. Retailing at RM62, the alloy stem caps are suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes & fixie frames. 

These special stems are up for grabs for Cycling Plus Malaysia readers, in our special Merdeka 2019 Giveaway. All you have to do is answer one question from our Jaz Airbrush feature article

What did Jaz Wong do before focusing on custom airbrush for bicycle frames?

Send us your answer via email to or DM us on Facebook or Instagram. Contest open while stocks last. 

In the meantime, scroll down to find out more about these special stem caps!

"I thought, why not?" explained Jaz. "I haven't seen anyone doing anything like this yet, so I figured I would do it. Everywhere else in the world the 'mat sallehs' have their own, so as Malaysians it is time we have our own too. When I do customers bikes, touching up or spraying new colours, they will always have their names and the Malaysian flag on their frames. So I thought the most unobtrusive and logical place to display our national identity on a bike is on the stem cap itself."

The sport is one that every Malaysian can embrace, regardless of where they come from. Citing Azizulhasni Awang, first Malaysian to win a medal at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships and at the Summer Olympics, he believes cycling is something that has the power to unite the different races in the country. 

For sure, cyclists are somewhat of a special breed and share a strong camaraderie, even though Malaysians come from a fairly diverse range of backgrounds. As a former automotive and motorcycle enthusiast, he believes this is unique to those of the pedal powered persuasion. 

"I've seen that cyclists greet each other regardless of their ethnicity, which you don't see among motorists or motorcyclists. When I'm on the road you always see cyclists helping each other whether we have accidents or problems like punctured tyres. This attitude is impressive, and we should be proud of it. We should be proud to be Malaysian."

This pride is something that he wants to share with his fellow Malaysians. "We have so many races, so many ethnic groups and religious faiths. We all hang out at the kopitiam and eat nasi lemak, and we all cycle together. We are all so different yet we respect this diversity; we live in peace and harmony."

While we do have some tense moments now and then, Jaz believes that no matter what happens, Malaysia still a peaceful and safe country to live in. "Once again it’s time for us Malaysians to show that we are great people from a great nation, and let’s continue our struggle towards prosperity and betterment of our dear nation."

These stem caps feature a UV printed image of the Jalur Gemilang, with a high solid crystal clearcoat top layer, and will look pretty sweet on any bike. There are limited pieces up for grabs, so send in your entries now!

Material: Alloy AL7075 T6
Diameter: 3.2cm
Weight: 10g

Jaz Airbrush
Jaz Airbrush
Jaz Airbrush
Jaz Airbrush

Congratulations to our 1st batch of winners for the special edition Jaz Airbrush Merdeka stem cap!

Bryan Lee Kung Chern

Lucas Tan Zhen Hui

Asrul Hazri bin Haron

Ahmad andrian bin zakaria

Javen Teh Tze Wen

Nik Adam Ahmad Bin Nik Rasdee

Aaron Kam Yoke Wee

Hung Tee Ming

Lum Shin Shin

Azrai Abdullah

Mohd Saiful Abdul Jalil

Kamaraiz Bin Kamaruzzaman

Faez Farhat Bin Mohd Faizul

Nurul Shafiekah Jumadi

Calvin Chan Chi Ho

Noor Azam bin Mohd Adham

Larry Nabau

For Soon Hau 

Cheong Weng Fook


Lee Kai Xin

Zaqwan Nazmin bin Aziz

Cherlene Aw Chih Ling

Norshahrina Azura Binti Mohd Aziz


Zuria Shazrin Binti Samsudin

*The Cycling Plus Malaysia team will contact winners directly to arrange postage of prizes from Jaz Airbrush.