Fit cycling in around a busy schedule

Fitting cycling around your job and family life can be a problem many cyclists face — there always seems to be something getting in the way of quality two-wheeled time.

So here are five tips for the time-poor cyclist on how to maximise riding time around responsibilities.

1. Extend your commute

If you’re already commuting by bike — if you’re not, get started! — why not think about extending your route to fit a bit of training into your working week?

Even adding an extra 20 minutes that you can attack with a full-gas effort will make a massive difference over the course of a few weeks.

Check out this article by our UK colleagues for more tips on how to make the most of your commute.

2. Ride with your family

Of course, you could avoid the issue in the first place and get your family out on the bike with you.

We love a go-fast-pew-pew ride as much as the next person, but the pleasure of pootling along at a few-Km/h with your brood in tow is undeniable.

Why not integrate cycling more wholly into your day-to-day life?

Try ditching the car for short journeys or the school run and reap the health benefits this will afford.

And just think how smug you can be about it!

3. Indoor training

If you really can’t justify getting out on the bike, why not consider making up your own pain cave and start training indoors?

Cyclist and triathlon training app Sufferfest and interactive games such as Zwift have made what was once a tortuously boring experience a lot more bearable, allowing you to race against competitors from all around the world.

Check out Bikeradar's comprehensive guide to indoor training here.

4. Tandem

As BikeRadar’s sole tandem evangelist it should come as no surprise that I would recommend a tandem as one of the best ways to enjoy cycling with your loved ones.

A tandem is the ultimate equaliser, completely balancing out any disparity in fitness between pilot and stoker.

So long as you don’t mind looking like a bit of an idiot and can get over the frustration of the first few attempts to set off, I guarantee you’ll have a blast on one.

And before anyone dares comment, no, the stoker can’t just sit on the back with their feet up.

5. Lunch time rides

Why not head out for an hour of power on the bike instead of munching your lunch at your desk?

Try to find a quiet section of road or cycle path and hammer out an effort that will leave you feeling refreshed for the afternoon.

BikeRadar favourite is to head out to the pump track near our office for a few laps. While this won’t improve your cardio fitness, it’s a great workout for the upper body and a right laugh.


*By Jack Luke courtesy of Bikeradar