Planning your fueling for that next big cycling event

By Nigel Mitchell

Cannondale-Drapac team nutritionist and author Nigel Mitchell shares his advice on getting your nutrition right for tackling a sportive.

1. Go low

Begin the day before your ride with slow-release energy and B vitamins in the shape of porridge made with milk or water.

Have protein too — an omelette or yoghurt will do the trick.

2. Gentle spin

After a big breakfast don’t ride more than a light spin on the day before a big ride.

Take on a snack mid-morning of around 30–60g of carbs, such as a banana, and drink water to top up your hydration levels.

3. Light lunch

The day before, keep lunch simple and digestible with protein from grilled salmon or chicken and lower Glycaemic Index carbs, such as sweet potatoes.

4. Quit coffee

Stop taking on caffeine from lunchtime onwards, this will reduce dehydration and help you sleep on the eve of the ride. Drink fruit teas or herbal infusions.

5. Not so heavy

Avoid heavy protein such as red meat before bedtime — fish, chicken, turkey and rice would be better, ideally plain and not spiced — with yoghurt for dessert, washed down with camomile tea with honey.

This article first appeared in BikerRadar, our affiliate website