Six simple steps to replacing an inner tube

Perhaps the most essential of all bike fixes, replacing an inner tube after a puncture.

Sebastian Nittke, team mechanic with the Canyon//SRAM UCI Women’s WorldTour pro team, shows us how in a few simple steps.

1. Full leverage

To remove a tyre with levers, insert one between the inside of the rim and deflated tyre, lever the tyre over the rim. Do the same with a second and pull the tyre and tube off.

2. Check your rubber

It’s important after a puncture to check there is nothing left in the tyre that could puncture the new inner tube, so run your finger carefully around the inside to check.

3. Rim recon

Likewise, check the rim of the wheel for anything that might have punctured through the rim tape. Sometimes a spoke can poke through and cause an unexpected puncture from underneath.

4. Half wheel

Pop one side of the tyre back over the wheel rim but leave the other free so you can insert the new inner tube underneath. For extra style points, line up the logo on the tyre with the rim’s valve hole.

5. The hole truth

This also means you will be able to quickly locate the valve hole out on the road. For now, put a little air in the tube, pop the valve through the rim and slide the tube under the tyre all the way round inside the rim.

6. Pop back in

Push the free tyre wall back onto the rim, ensuring that you don’t catch any of the tube with it. Try to use your thumbs, but lever on the last part if necessary. Fully inflate the tube, and you’re good to go.