100% Speedcraft

Highs: Huge coverage from shield lens

Lows: Its flashiness is not to everyone’s liking

Price: Starting from RM780

We Say: Why go for the norm, when you can be the standout with these glasses

 Peter Sagan, pro cycling’s flashiest man, obviously needs the flashiest sunglasses available. So when he teamed up with 100% and started donning their Speedcraft Performance cycling glasses in early 2017, it was like a match made in heaven. Just like Sagan, the glasses are a new breed of flashiness for cyclists and can even be considered a futuristic look.

If you buy a pair of Speedcraft glasses, it comes with a really vibrant well-built hard case which houses a cleaning bag, padded zipped case, low light lens, interchangeable nose pads (two sizes) as well as the glasses. The frame is well finished, with Megol rubber on the nose pads and temple grips.

The lens’ wrap-around shape offers great coverage, and if you feel like the Long Lens (LL) model is too big for you, 100% offers a smaller lensed frame called the Short Lens (SL)- it still wraps your face, but not as much as the LL model.

The lens is anti-reflective and hydrophobic, and offers 100% UV protection. According to Holeshot Motorwear, the Malaysian distributor, there are three types of lenses to be had.

There is the normal lens where it is just smoked; a multi-layer mirror lens which comes in all sorts of colours, and the daddy of them all, the Hiper multi-layered red lens, which is bit darker, great for helping cyclists get through a hot cycling day and avoiding the glare from the sun.

The size of the lens gives total coverage from wind and sun, and clarity is impressive. On hotter days, we didn’t experience much fogging, so the two small vents at the bottom of the lens do work.

At 35g, you don’t notice the glasses when riding, but we did notice the fluoro yellow pieces at the bottom of the frame – when bright sunshine reflects off them, they can be distracting.

From a first person perspective, the glasses just feel like any other quality made sunnies, but to onlookers, it’s an attention grabber. One of the things we liked about the glasses is that we can change to a lighter coloured lens as and when we wish.

The process of doing so does need some TLC, but with experience it should be an easy affair. To change the lens, you must first pop off the nose piece, and proceed to remove the lens from the upper frame. Then you can insert the other lens back into the lens tab on the upper frame and finish the process by clicking back the nose piece into position.

If you want the Peter Sagan Speedcraft edition where there is a special livery to complement the up and rising pro cyclist, you must hurry up as according to Holeshot, nearly all of them are sold out.

To view the range of Speedcraft glasses as well as other 100% merchandise, visit Holeshot Motorwear at 35, Jalan Badminton 13/29, Tadisma Business Park, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia