4 Things you need to know about the new Suunto 5

Whilst some other markets have had the Suunto 5 for a couple of months now, here in Malaysia the Suunto 5 has just made its debut. Better late than never, the Suunto 5 sits between the entry level Suunto 3 and the all-performing Suunto 9 which was designed to be a feature-packed watch good enough for commandos but probably an overkill for athletes.

This is where the Suunto 5 comes in, as the watch was designed with athletes and outdoor adventurers in mind. Coming without unnecessary features which athletes would not miss, the watch is now less bulky in mass as well as price point.

For RM1,499 the Suunto 5 can deliver all those statistics that are important to athletes such as accurate heart rate readings and adaptive training guidance. And all that packed up in one sleek package. Here are 4 things you should know about the Suunto 5.

Goes the distance every time

With Suunto’s intelligent battery modes and long battery life, the Suunto 5 can probably outlast your training time as it can operate for up to 40 hours. This intelligent watch also learns its user's training patterns and sends reminders to the watch face reminding athletes to charge well before the next training session. Suunto were so dead serious about this feature, they even tested it in harsh Nordic conditions so that it can take whatever nature and athletes throw at it.

High IQ training companion

The Suunto 5 tracks its user’s training and fitness level, and adapts intelligently the personalised training guidance based on his or her progress and goals. Like a coach, it also tells athletes when to recover when they push too hard or exercise more when the athlete is not pushing enough.

It also tracks stress and sleep levels so that users can be sure that they are well and fully recovered before they carry out their next sport activity. With over 80 customisable sports modes, users can get the relevant statistics based on their activity. Overall, the Suunto 5 is more than a watch - it is a reliable training companion.


With sayings like “if it isn't on Strava it never happened”, community support is all so important these days. The Suunto 5 is all about this, ensuring you don't feel alone when training. It can connect users to a world of new routes via a Heatmap feature through the Suunto app, which shows where and what route people are training on, inspiring new challenges and exploration. Some of the world’s favourite sports apps like Strava, TrainingPeaks and Relive are also integrated with the Suunto app, so that you’re in touch with the community and able to share achievements with all your friends. 

Designed for Style

The Suunto 5 obviously had athletes and adventurers in mind but never forgot that they like to be stylish too. With the smartwatch made out of robust stainless steel bezels, coupled with four colourways to choose from, you can have the watch looking as sophisticated as you want. Options include All Black, White, Burgundy Copper or Graphite Copper, you can now personalise the watch to your liking. 

The Suunto 5 is now available at all SOLAR time boutiques and all fine watch retailers nationwide. Log on to www.solartime.com for more information.