Cateye AMPP1100 review

Coming off the back of using Cateye’s Volt 800 for a couple of years now, we never really hunted for a better performing headlight. It’s bright, has good battery life and has a mode which lights up the road and pulsates at the same time (HyperConstant mode) so that we can be more visible as well as see where we are going. It has been flawless ever since it left its box and made its way onto our bike.  

We never thought to look for a headlight with more lumens, because for us the Volt was always sufficient - that is until Gin Huat Cycle Trading gave us a demo unit of Cateye’s new AMPP1100. With 1100 lumens at its disposal we really thought we wouldn’t be able to really tell the difference between 800 and 1100 lumens. We were wrong, and what a sweet ride we had with this light at the front of our bike.

Tested during our regular weekly night ride where we zing in and out of traffic in downtown KL as well as its surrounding areas, we never felt more visible. With that feeling circulating in our thoughts we felt more confident to ride faster especially when we came across some areas like Bukit Tunku where the roads were mostly dark and poorly lit. The AMPP1100 also has this HyperConstant mode and whereas the Volt was pushing out 800/200 lumens the AMPP1100 was emitting 1100/400 lumens. When mixing with cars on motorbikes on the road, this feature is really useful because the bleeping lights really does get motorists’ attention.

With more light being emitted it’s no surprise that the AMPP1100 only lasts 6.5 hours on HyperConstant mode. The Volt could last an hour more so not too big of a gap. The surprising feature was the charging time. The Volt needs 5-9 hours of charging time to get it juiced up where as the AMPP only needs 3-5 hours. We always felt that this was one of the Volt’s lesser qualities and we are glad that Cateye has managed to spruce up the charging time on the AMP1100.

Like all of Cateye’s headlights, the mount is top-notch. With a rubberised bracket which can be tightened through a dial, installing it on the bike was all too easy. Once on the handlebar it never moved even when we hit some potholes. The only time it ever does move is when you adjust the angle or removing it from the handlebar. When you have it in your hand or when you are looking at it, the AMPP does look bulky and the reason for that is because it is. It is rectangular in shape and weighs 200 grams, 60 more than the Volt. That’s not too much of a weight penalty for better visibility and quick charging time right? The build quality is there too and the use of aluminium makes it feel robust and ready for action.

Before looking up the price, we guessed that it might be more than Volts’, but in fact, surprisingly it was cheaper. The reason for this is not because cheaper parts were used but because Gin Huat Cycle Trading wants the AMPP1100 to be more competitive in terms of price because when it comes to performance it definitely trumps a lot of the other Cateye headlights.


Price: RM430