CatEye Rapid X2 Kinetic


Highs: It operates just like automobile brake lights

Lows: Pricey

Imagine if someone creates tail lights for a bicycle along the lines of a car tail light. The soft glow of red would be visible at all times and when you hit the brakes, they would light right up. It would certainly help in a country like Malaysia where we all ride either in the mornings or evenings to avoid being roasted by the sun. And this is where CatEye comes along with a new product.

The CatEye Rapid X2 Kinetic is a cleverly designed rear bicycle light that has deceleration alert which lets people behind you know that you are slowing down. The way it works is exactly like a motorised vehicle where the dimmed red light would brighten up fast to alert the person behind you that you are slowing down. It has great all around visibility thanks to CatEye’s clever 360 led design. It uses the robust and long lasting COB led bulb and on a single charge can last up to 30 hours.

The best thing about the light is also that it has an automatic battery saving feature where it will switch itself off if not in use.  It also only needs two hours of charge time for it to be full on electrical juice.

Compared to some of the lights that we have tested before, it’s also quite light, great for those weight weenie cyclists. At 50 lumens the red light is bright enough to be seen clearly in daylight. That’s why CatEye is calling it the all-day all-night any-weather light.

But the main party piece of the light is still the deceleration alert. It uses sensors to make it operate like those typical vehicle rear lights.

We tested the lights at the most perfect place possible, downtown KL. This is where most motorists would actually love to see cyclists have this rear light feature. And just like how CatEye advertised it, the lights sprang into action glowing bright red as we were slowing down.

Some of our fellow cyclists who did not know we had the light mounted on the bike were also surprised and impressed with this feature. The Kinetic feature worked 98 per cent of the time, and would only sometimes glow bright when we rolled over a big pot hole.

I guess the violent lateral movement must have activated to Kinetic feature. Nonetheless, for once, cycling in KL felt safe.

The CatEye Rapid X2 Kinetic can be bought at most bicycle shops.