GoPro Fusion

In 2017, 360 cameras were still considered novelty toys, but Gopro’s Fusion and its state of the art functions aims to change that perception and help you literally go pro. What this basically means is that with the kind of footages you can extract from the camera, you will now be able to use it as part of a polished professional looking production piece.

However, it will take some time for you to familiarise yourself with the camera, especially when it comes to the post production part. This applies to either a beginner or a seasoned GoPro user. Once dialled in, the footage does look amazing and the camera will reward you with angles and images that are somewhat special. There are many things that the camera can and cannot do, but here we list 5 of the most important things you should know about the Fusion.

The Camera comes with an extendable pole

For RM3199 you will be purchasing an awesome 360 camera which comes with an extendable pole. Although this might seem insignificant, an official GoPro Pole has a starting retail price of RM189 - so consider this a free gift to you from GoPro. The Pole can be used with all other GoPro products, which can be useful, especially when it can morph into a tripod. From a distance it just looks like any other pole, but it has a built-in feature where three legs can spread out to turn it into a tripod.

The pole disappears in the footage

The title is not a misprint as the pole does indeed vanish in the footage. This happens because the pole is perpendicular to the camera’s pole mounting point which is right at the bottom and in between the two lenses. The Fusion uses two lenses on each side of the camera to capture 360-footage. What it does is basically take footage from the rear and the front, stitching them together to give you a 360 viewing experience.

Since the footage is stitched together from the front and rear, the pole situated right smack in the middle of the two lenses is never in view. If you’re holding the camera pole as well as your handlebars the footage can be made to look as if someone else is recording you. Some call this the floating camera effect.  However, your hands will always look like it’s holding something transparent which may look kind of weird.

Image Stabilisation

Will all know how amazing GoPro’s image stabilisation is now and this feature continues in the Fusion. With footage that looks like you are using a gimble, every shot appears steady and smooth no matter what angle you choose from the 360 perspective.

Battery Life

The Fusion’s battery looks like five GoPro Hero batteries stitched together, returning a continuous shooting life of an hour at its maximum resolution of 5.2k. This is great compared to the Hero, which can only deliver a 30-minute shooting period. The Fusion can also be plugged into a power source, which lets you shoot at your preferred resolution for as long as your heart desires. The power source option also works without the battery being inside the camera. But be careful, there are rumors going around saying the camera can overheat after a very long period of continuous shooting.  

Post Production

The software for processing the footage that you have taken is a bit buggy as it’s a completely new software from GoPro. However, this will most likely get better in time as GoPro are always polishing their software. The rendering of the footage can also take a very long time, so people have been forced to go to bed while waiting.

Price: RM3199