Ion Rascal Clipless and K_Pact_Amp

Here at Cycling Plus Malaysia, we like to give shout outs to products that are special, be it for their innovation, performance or design. In the case of ION’s two latest products, the ION Rascal clipless shoes and K_Pact_Amp kneepads, they deserve some exposure because not only do they have great looks but also cutting edge innovative design as well as performance.

Fresh from receiving an award from top cycling body - Design and Innovation, the kneepads and shoes are about to make waves worldwide so it’s best we talk a little bit about them.

Rascal Clipless Shoes (RM417)

In their efforts to make one of the best Mountain Biking shoes available in the market, ION worked with Swiss riding shoe specialist, Suplest when it came to making the Rascal.

Although this is ION’s first ever clipless MTB shoe, they have struck gold with the Rascal. From a design perspective, the Rascal was made to look like a very trendy shoe born out of a hipster café.But they didn’t forget usability, because part of the details include a Velcro strap for great fit, protective toe cap for extra protection, as well as countless perforations for good ventilation.

Suplest decided to equip the Rascal with their very own Sup Traction Rubber Soul and EVA midsole, giving the Rascal great stiffness for direct energy transfer to the bike whilst providing enough flexibility to allow you to walk without discomfort.

The design and tech combination from ION and Suplest have created a gem, and if you can’t show its performance out on the trails, fellow cyclists will surely talk about its design-win win we think.

K_Pact_Amp Kneepads (RM369)

Whilst the previous version of the kneepads were above average when it came to design and performance, ION decided that was not enough and wanted to give cyclist more. Thanks to its proven SAS-TEC padding and flawless manufacturing quality, the new kneepad satisfies most riders out there especially when it comes to a comfortable fit.

Some riders gave feedback that the previous kneepads were on the warmer side when worn for a long periods, well ION responded and have now included side zips on the new ones to provide quick and fast access so that you can remove the kneepads without even taking off your shoes.

The Design and Innovative team who tested the product also commented that the kneepads deserves an award for many things including the fact that the kneepads were friction free even on the most sensitive of knees.