Jaybird wireless headphones

We say: If good Bluetooth audio quality is your priority, it’s pretty hard to beat the Jaybird

Highs: Updated design which adds better aesthetics and user experience

Lows: Blocks almost all external noises, including noise from automobiles

Price: X3=RM669              Freedom=RM699

Jaybird headphones have been around for some time now, but the most recent updated version of their popular X3 and Freedom earbud type headphones have just been made available via their new Malaysian distributor, Fun Sportz Sdn Bhd.

Sweatproof, wireless and offers a universal secure sport fit with improved sound and customisable audio option through its downloadable app, the Jaybirds are here to stay.

With these updated versions, Logitech who is now owner of Jaybird plans to solidify the position of the headphones, riding on the success of its predecessor as being one of the best Bluetooth wireless headphones for people with active lifestyle.


Replacing the Jaybird X2, the Jaybird X3 is an evolution of the model that it is replacing. Saying that however, the X3 does come with a new design providing the masses with a smaller, shorter and lighter earbud piece which is said to improve comfort.

The shape of the ear fastener which ensures placement of the earbuds in the ear has also been redesigned, coming in now with a curvier design which suits the ear better. New metal pieces have also been included to improve robustness, as well as the soft touch plastic giving the X3 the feel of a quality build product. There is also is a new driver, which improves slightly the lows, mids and highs in sound.


What the X3 also comes with which has come as terrific news to Jaybird fans is the fact that it can now also be used with the MySound app where sound signatures can be altered to your liking. Previously, it was only the Freedom model that was compatible with the app.

Set the setting on the app, and forever the sound signature of the headphones will be the way you want it to be, even without the help or connectivity of the app. The battery of the X3 is integrated into the controller, which can provide you with up to eight hours of uninterrupted music play.


To the naked eye, it will seem like there is not much difference between the X3 and Freedom. On the contrary however, they are completely different headphones. The first thing you will notice if you have them side by side is how small and lightweight the Freedoms are compared to the X3.

This is important because for vigorous activities, it has been said that the headphones does tend to stay in the ear more compared the X3. But with this advantage there is also something else that has to give and that comes in the form of battery life.


The Freedom only has a battery life of four hours, and even in the Bluetooth headphone segment this is considered to be below average. But Jaybird aren’t where they are now because of luck. To counter this problem, they have included a small attachment as part of the complete Freedom kit.

This attachment is essentially a power bank. It attaches to the headphone controller where the battery is actually situated. With this attachment, the headphone catches up with its little brother the X3 and can now operate for eight hours. If you don’t like the extra weight that the attachment causes, you could always just use it as a power bank and charge it when necessary.