Oakley's Crystal Pop Jawbreaker

Oakley have perhaps a gazillion different lines of shades from us to choose from and to be honest, everyone can rock a pair of Oakley sunglasses. But according to Luxottica Malaysia, leader of the local premium, luxury and sports eyewear market, the Oakley Crystal Pop Jawbreaker is one of the most sought after Oakley sunglasses at the moment.

Perfect for cyclists, the Crystal Pop Jawbreaker is a variation of the much loved Jawbreaker line, except that the “O Matter” material is now transparent instead of opaque and coloured. Inspired by the colour of festivals, the Crystal Pop Collection allows wearers to show off their personality through the combination of transparent and coloured sports glasses. 

Available in either the Jawbreaker, Crossrange XL, Holbrook and Latch lines, the glasses are sure to be pleasing to the eyes, let it be for the wearer or the viewer. Paired with Oakley’s Prizm lens, the look of the Crystal Pop will surely brighten up the occasion whether you're out for a training ride or a big race.

Available across Malaysia, the Jawbreaker Crystal Pop can be had from RM1,039